Heena Tattoo In Waterdown

All of our henna tattoo artists at Agam’s Beauty Spa & Salon are inspired and trained by the best in the industry. Originally stemming from Arabic cultures, henna tattoos are now appreciated as a beautiful art form throughout the rest of the world. At Agam’s Beauty Spa & Salon, we take this art form to the next level creating beautiful and engaging designs for all who walk in the door.

Our henna tattoos are made from a natural source and once applied to the skin leave a strong, long-lasting, vibrant color. We use henna made out of a natural source to avoid placing any chemicals on the skin. Due to the lack of chemicals in the products, side effects are less likely to occur. Many visit Agam’s Beauty Spa & Salon for a henna tattoo to spice up their outfit for a wedding, baby shower, or birthday parties. In addition, our artists at Agam’s Beauty Spa & Salon will travel to an event and design beautiful henna tattoos for your guests.

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